Dealer vs Private

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Dealer vs Private

Post by Twotimeowner »

So I keep torturing myself with this decision. I’ve got a 97 Jasper 190k that I could get from Coombs. All in ready to go, three year warranty 21k, there are a few extras, undercoating (not actually sure if that’s a plus or a negative), new stainless brake system, stainless exhaust, 4 anchor points inside on the floor, rear ladder.
A private sale, beauty (from pics only) 2001 Chamonix, both these are high roof, 150klm asking 14k no warranty. The roof is oxidized but really looks rust free. They’ve done a few of the basics, like bushings, water pump maybe, new tires, headlights of course and a few other things. Japanoid did a short inspection and said it needed nothing else but I don’t think they are applying a very high standard, I expect if I applied the Coombs standard I would need to spend at least 3-5k to get it into reliable condition.

So which would you choose?
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Re: Dealer vs Private

Post by VanVonVan »

21k for a 1997 with 190k on the odometer? That price seems steep to me for a 24 year old vehicle. I'd be interested what grade it was at auction. I've noticed a lot of BC dealers increasing the older delicas for USA sale which I understand is a huge market to tap into, but that van definitely doesn't look like a grade 4. Now as I am not an importer I don't know how the pandy has effected shipping of vehicles and parts availability but either that van has some magic to it or it better be the cleanest van you've ever seen.

Here in the prairies (Winnipeg Manitoba) some guy is trying to sell L400 (what looks to me from the pictures online) grade 2-3 vehicles for 10-11k with nothing done to them. Which after peeking around some auctions those rougher looking vans are only selling for 1-3k. That is a pretty wild mark up.
Or alternatively in Saskatchewan a garage/dealer is selling a super clean L400 with a large amount of maintenance(timing belt, alt belt, all fluids, tires, lights ect. and safetied) to it for 14k with 88k on the odo.

I don't think this helps you out or answers your question but, hopefully some points to ponder.

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