Driveline issue??

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Driveline issue??

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Hello Folks,

I have had a 2002 Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear 3.0L for about 2 and a half weeks (2 of which I was away on business). I be probably put 200kms on it so far so I'm still learning about its quirks.

The Delica runs quite well though I notice when driving between 45 and 75 kms/hr I get what feels like a binding gear. It's really strange and hard to explain. I notice it only while maintaining speed. If a put my foot on the floor I don't feel the binding and same with deceleration. Only when maintaining speed on slight acceleration it feels like something is catching somewhere almost as if to feel a burr on a gear tooth when the gears mesh. It's not a constant binding but more of an inconsistent grabbing. I am guessing it's a driveline issue?? Any thoughts?

I appreciate the input.

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