Amazing Auto is Amazing

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Amazing Auto is Amazing

Post by msimps »

My very gracious and very pregnant wife agreed to pick up some fuel filters for me from Amazing Auto while she ran some other errands. Mardy pulled in just as she got there, and upon seeing she had one in the oven and three others in tow, he told her to wait in the car. He then proceeded to bring down the filters and the visa machine for her! I know he's on here somewhere and I wanted to say a big thank you!

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Amazing Auto is Amazing

Post by pacman »

Well, it has been a few months since I got my mint Delica Jasper from Amazing Auto. I finally take the time to thank Mardy for the PHENOMENAL service he provided to me. The Delica was exactly as he described it, low mileage and all. He did all receiving inspection and servicing. When it arrived to Alberta, it passed province inspection with flying colors. I am loving the Delica and am quite grateful for what Mardy did for me.

I highly recommend Mardy for the quality of the services he offers and recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality vehicle.
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