Unknown Lamp on Dash

Does your Mitsubishi L300 make a strange noise? Need wheel alignment specs?
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Unknown Lamp on Dash

Post by Lordsxo »

So I took the Delica out for the first time since the fall, and I was introduced to a lamp that I had never seen before on the dash. It did go off, after a bit of driving, and came back on when I started it up again.

It is a yellow lamp, that looks like a battery with a ripple of liquid in it. Couldn't find the same icon on the internet, looking at the owner's manual, and has all the lights listed, but skips the location of where this lamp appears just to the right of the glow plug lamp. Also, the shop manual has no mention of this lamp either.

Here is a picture, look just below the 6 of the tach.


It's a Delica GLX 1997 pre-facelift

Does anyone know what this is for?
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Re: Unknown Lamp on Dash

Post by shuggyss »

You may need to do a battery service. Check your connections are on tight. Check for corrosion on the terminals. Clean them up with baking soda and vinegar and wipe dry with paper towel. (Wear gloves and eye protection) If you are able/comfortable to check your battery fluid level. If it has been sitting for any length of time, the water can evaporate and will not come up to full charge. Top up with distilled water (Walmart 4L $2). Use a trickle charger to bring up to full charge. If it is just a sight glass battery/no maintenance with a little green glow, make sure it's green. Lastly, if you have a volt meter you can check that your alternator is providing enough voltage to charge the battery. With the engine running, place positive (red cable) to positive battery terminal, place negative (black cable) to chassis bare metal ground. Your voltage should read between 13.2 to 13.8 v to provide sufficient charging. Some batteries are just done, no longer hold a charge. I have used Brunette battery in New West and Pacific battery in Pitt Meadows for refurbished batteries for years. If you are not into blowing over $100 on a battery, I recommend both.
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