Alternator electrical woes a potential fix

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Alternator electrical woes a potential fix

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I just replaced my dead batteries today at Edmonds Battery in Burnaby. Great service! But still discovered that my alternator wasn't producing much juice. It seemed to keep the battery charged but wouldn't register anything more than 12v on the batteries when the van was running. I did some looking around and rather take my alternator off I chased the wire loom.

Well the wires grounded and rubbed off on the frame of the van and are probably the cause of many electrical issues I've had in the past. Alternator wire was corroded and oil sensor light was almost severed as well. Just didn't think to check the loom.. So yeah its not always a defective alternator or batteries, could just be the wiring. I'll be remaking the alternator wire with 10 and 12 gauge wire tomorrow. Hopefully we get a good charge from alternator.
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