Fuel line refurb and cross member replace

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Fuel line refurb and cross member replace

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Ahem. This truck of mine has turned into quite the project.
Didn't pay much, don't got much else better to do, so this project is actually quite a steal for $4500 CAD

Body and engine in great shape.
Boost upped to 12psi, nothing too impressive, but I'm enjoying the balance between power and reliability, and - it doesn't eat into fuel economy THAT much. For a 2.5 L, I'll take the extra power to push the LWB.
EGT gauge, though I have a replacement 'cause it's cheapo.
Fresh-ish general grabbers 30.5x10's
And... drum roll ----- near-new OEM adjustible shocks.

This has already started to be a bit of a restoration, as there are quite a few diesel leaks. The frame isn't rusty except for some surface rust, but the only things that are rusty are essential: Fuel lines and the top metal portion of the sender unit on top of the tank.

So, I recently pulled a used set of fuel lines and sender from a donor truck, and I spent last weekend pulling the old fuel lines, and replacing them with the new ones. I had to bend them a few times to get them in, and bent them - mostly back when I put them back in place. They're not fully in, but that's partly because of the next problem...

The cross member in front of the suspension has a gaping hole rusted through the front... and the back of it. The top and bottom are holding together, but not before I replace it will I go off road. And luckily, I'm grabbing a whole crossmember from the same donor truck, which the owner is going to let me cut out this weekend.

But I LOVE this truck.

At first, I had buyer's remorse. I was constantly worried that the head was going to blow up, as I read a lot about that on the forums, but tentatively, I've had the confidence to just drive, and I love it! I love getting in and hearing the straight pipe snarl, the steady pull and the comfortable ride, I have a smile on my face when I see it parked, and when I get in and drive.

I'm very excited to fix the few quibbles, mount a tent, and get off road to explore this wonderful country of mine.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wKLPCt ... sp=sharing
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