SpaceGear:Updating and upgrading(long-term thread)

Driving a shiny 91 Delica Super Exceed? This is the section to show and tell!
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SpaceGear:Updating and upgrading(long-term thread)

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Time to fix the all the litlle things on the Spacegear.

First,major fuel leak.Fuel everywhere on the undercarriage,front diff and steering gear.Hard to find but finally it was the o'ring for the cold start device that was leaking.Strangely,this leak doesn't impact on the engine performance.Three screw,a new o'ring from a shop called ADF diesel(1,60$),two can of brake cleaner and 3 hours later,no more leak!

Next:HVAC not working properly.It's a Super Exceed model,with Automatic controlled HVAC.I will check this soon
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