~Welcome to Delica Canada: If You're New, Read This Before You Do Anything.

New to Delica Canada? Please introduce yourself and your van!
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~Welcome to Delica Canada: If You're New, Read This Before You Do Anything.

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Welcome to Delica Canada, here are a few tips to help you understand this website:

  • I would first recommend for your most serious perusal ~ the Board Index.
    Access to the Board Index can be found in the upper left area of your screen (it's on the pale blue divider line). By getting to know this index you will have the key that will unlock untold treasures of Delica lore.
  • Learn to post in the correct forum and topic.
    As a moderator I can tell you that it can be a drag having to constantly move topics such as "FS Turbo Charger" that has been posted in "General Discussion" when it should be in "Delica Parts & Supplies". The reason we have the variety of forums that we do is for archival purposes ~ this way if you are looking for something, let's say to do with how someone modified their braking system and you remember it from sometime in the Summer of 2009 ~ then you know to look in "Delica Canada Technical/Delica Modifications". If there was just one great forum that handled everything then how would we know? Also, do not post multiple threads on the same topic. If you have a glass of milk at your friends place and you want another do you get another glass and expect the host to do all the dishes? Of course not.
  • If you came looking for technical stuff...
    Then I would suggest you first look in "Delica Canada Technical/Delica FAQ Section and the Technical Reference Libraries". In there you will find manuals, ways to recognise your wagon (number codes), paint codes, &c.. One important link you will find in Delica FAQ Section: "Useful Links". In there is a link to a JDM Online Catalogue. Enter the VIN of your vehicle into the appropriate field, such as "Mitsubishi" if you are driving a Delica or Pajero; click enter and all relevant data for your vehicle will come up, including every OEM part number down to the washers. Also in this thread are other parts catalogues such as partsbase.org/mitsubishi/jp/, which has wonderful exploded views of the various groups and what the parts look like.

    One other point: If you ever have lack of electrical power or lack of engine power, first recommendation is to clean the battery terminals or check how dirty the air filter element is before you start tearing apart your electrical or air intake systems. This is certainly a lot cheaper and usually the cause. Start with simple before you delve into the complex.
  • When using the search engines*:
    This site has two search engines: The button for the site search engine is located in the upper right portion of your screen; there is a Google search engine at the top of the page. As of this posting, the site has gone through a recent upgrade, which has improved the site search engine but it is still limited. For instance it does not spell for you, this is something you must do for yourself. The downside to this is if your read and interesting post about "Diesel" but the original poster spelled it "Deisel" then this search engine will not find it unless you spell it the way the original poster did, at least not at this point in time ~ so you have to be creative in your researches. The Google search engine is the better of the two but still doesn't get everything, which is why we still have two. Another creative way around this is to go to Google; type in "+site:delica.ca"(all one word); then a space; then whatever it is you are looking for. As an example: You wish to find a thread on fuel additives and you are not satisfied with the on site search engine results; you go to Google and type in "+site:delica.ca diesel fuel additives".
  • When filling out your registration:
    Two fields in the registration form have been made mandatory. These are "Location & Vehicle". Surprisingly these have often been left out in the past and yet they are very important. These two items will appear with your avatar for other people's reference. The reason I bring this up is so you don't put "Planet Earth" or "A Car" or something in the fields that although people might get a laugh out of ~ it will ultimately let you down. There have been times where someone has posted along the lines: "Does anyone know where I can get glow plugs for my Delica?" So someone who drives a Starwagon and lives in Burnaby, BC replies that he got his from the Napa store on the Lougheed Highway. The original poster has not told anyone that he lives in Red Deer, Alberta and drives a Space Gear and gets frustrated that the glow plugs that he manage to find for $200 don't fit his engine because they are meant for a Starwagon engine ~ do you see what I mean? We don't want to know your exact address, just the general location. There was this one guy who posted and many people offered him lots of advice on where to go but it turned out that he was actually in New Zealand. Although the majority of Delica Canada members are in Canada, we do have members from all over the globe and if you if you happen to be one of these people then state your city & country of origin.
  • Setting up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch...
    It's pretty simple, really ~ just download this app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchbb- ... 52610?mt=8
    and add http://www.delica.ca as an account in the app.
  • Other handy tips to help you navigate this site:
    In the upper right part of your screen, next to the search engine button is "FAQ". This is a handy trouble shooting list to help you with all sorts of things related to using this site such as how to load pictures to how to use the search engine, worth checking out.
  • Make yourself familiar with Site Rule 1.1.1.
    No one in this club gets paid for their work here ~ it is all "positive contribution" ~ we expect the same from you.
  • Two important things to remember:
    1/ When you read articles on this site remember that some members are more mechanically minded than others. It's best to check sources or clarify what the poster is saying. Sometimes members might, in a well meaning spirit, write about something that they don't really understand. It never hurts to clarify.

    2/ There are a few questions that have been asked "ad nauseum", such as "how to import one's own Delica". It is best to first use either of the two search engines with your question before inadvertently posting a rhetorical question. This is something that I have done, as well as many others ~ but the more we try to better ourselves, the more the club site benefits from our actions :-) . If you do ask an old question and you get a rude response... don't be offended ~ some people can be rude. By and large this is a good club, 'though sometimes a little drama may occur.

Enjoy your time in Delica Canada, we look forward to hearing about your adventures in your Delica... or your Pajero... or your Strada... or your Vanwagon...


* Delica Canada's Google search engine is currently down. It will be restored before too long.
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