Got my L400!!!!

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Got my L400!!!!

Post by NutherMike »

'98 XR plain highroof 2.8TD 8-seater 130K
I wanted something to just drive NOW and not have to work on for a while, so I bought fully-ready from Rising Sun. Steven replaced:

Radiator and hoses
Water Pump
Rotors and pads
Trailing arm bushings
Upper ball joints
Sway bar linkages and bushings
Glow plugs
Valve cover gasket and bolt seals
F.I. Pump main seal
Coolant exp bottle
Air, fuel, oil, tranny filters
AC and alternator belts
All diff and transfer case fluids
Also blanked the EGR and did wheel alignment

$21,500 cdn well-spent imo.
I named her Carrie from the Dr Hook song - Carry me Carrie

Come on, Carrie
Carry me a little farther
Come on, Carrie
Carry me one more mile
I don't know where it's leadin' to
But I know I can make it if I lean on you
So come on, Carrie
Carry me a little
I carried you, now carry me a little
Come on, Carrie, carry me a little while
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