DRLs, what else for importing a L400 into Canada?

Issues relating to the purchasing, importing, and inspection of JDM vehicles in Canada

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DRLs, what else for importing a L400 into Canada?

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Hi all,

So as I posted in the other thread, I finally got myself a 1998 L400. Working on getting it imported into Canada now. I want to do it with the lowest possible cost, as, well, I figure it'll cost me a good arm and a leg to drive it around, so I'm trying to be frugal.

What do I need to get sorted before it lands in Canada? I assume:

- DRL: any advice on how to do this? I was looking for some how-tos, but can't find any. Can any lights (i.e. lower bumper lights) be used as DRL, or does it HAVE to be the headlights?
- tires - it's on brand new Yokohama Geolandar tires (I don't know if they're DOT-stamped, I haven't looked).
- reflectors? do i need to spray paint them orange or anything?
- headlamps? do i need replacement ones (E-coded?) or can i just point mine somewhere? can i do this before it leaves Japan, or do i need to do it on the spot at Canadian Tire?

If anyone can recommend a mechanic to help legalise it for a reasonable cost in Vancouver, I'd appreciate it. I also have access to the car before it leaves Japan, so I can do some of the work on it ahead of time.

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