Wheel well clearance on snow

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Wheel well clearance on snow

Post by salvadorrovere »

Hey delicas!

I'm getting a D5 and checking on Winter Tires at the moment, the stock tires are 225/55R18 and I want to go to R16 because there are more options and I prefer the ride with more rubber than rim!

I checked in multiple forums/post and lots of people choose to go 235/70R16, leaving the wheel clearance from the inner liner on 1CM!

Since here in Manitoba we have tons of snow, I'm second guessing this, thinking that it might build-up ice inside and cause some trouble turning later.

Any of you that drive in Canadian winters have some recommendation on if I should worry or Ice won't build-up because the tires are too tight haha

Let me know! Thanks in advance!

This Youtube video shows how close these tires fit!
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