Coastal Offroad Series 1 L400 Bumpers for sale

Mitsubishi Delica part numbers and purchasing information.
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Coastal Offroad Series 1 L400 Bumpers for sale

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Hey all, sad to say I wrecked my 96 L400 with a set of brand new built and just installed Coastal Offroad bumpers and skidplates. I immediately made myself feel better by buying another L400 (97 this time) with its own set of Coastal Offroad bumpers already installed. But now I have an extra set of lovely Coastal Offroad bumpers that I don't exactly need. For sale at a serious steal at $3000 if you pick them up. (Prince Rupert, BC.) $4000 if you want me to ship them. I really REALLY don't want that hassle. The flat-pack kits that Coastal Offroad sells are together about $3000 + tax + shipping, + you have to pay for welding and install unless you can do it yourself. $3000 and you pick them up, is a bargain.

ImageCoastal Offroad Front 01 by Cory Lindsay, on Flickr

ImageCoastal Offroad Rear 01 by Cory Lindsay, on Flickr
Light surface rust showing through the primer from sitting on shop floor for 6 months. Bumpers were primed, but not painted.

ImageCoastal Offroad Skid 01 by Cory Lindsay, on Flickr

Comes with all bolts and hardware for bolt-on install.

If it's stuck, force it; if it breaks, it needed replacing anyways.
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