Dobinson's HD Torsion bars + other parts

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Dobinson's HD Torsion bars + other parts

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Hey guys, a few new parts remaining from my Delica that I sold last May. I'm in Nelson, BC and can ship at buyer's expense.

For the Series 1 diesel. All of it is brand new except the bumper and coil spacers. Most of them are genuine parts too. I'm in Nelson if anyone wants to pick up. I can ship as well.

-Dobinson's HD Torsion bars - $500

-30mm rear coil spacers - Aluminum (refinished - sanded and primed with Super Acid Etching Primer then top coated with VHT roller and chassis paint) - $100

-NGK glow plugs x4- $160

-Exhaust manifold gaskets x4 - $40

-Air intake gaskets - $25

-Exhaust manifold studs x2 - $2 each

-Crankshaft pulley bolt and washer - $20

-Crankshaft front oil seal - $25

-Crankshaft woodruff keys x2 - $5

-Rear bumper - $30

-Super select rubber housing and metal plate and knob - $20

- (SOLD) Oil filter - $35

- (SOLD) Rear lower control arm bushings, x4 - front and rear - $150

- (SOLD) Front shock upper bushing x 4- $20

-(SOLD) Sliding door hinge extender for lifted Delicas - $150
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