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Disability assist lift/transfer Captain seat

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:28 pm
by Furi
Recently purchased an L400 that came with an interesting after-market feature; a fully functioning disability assist lift/transfer seat by the sliding door. The original Delica captain seat is fitted on top of the hardware that moves the chair outside and lowers to ground level, and then lifts back into position. Seat also has 2 seat belts, one a lap belt for which I’m assuming is when the seat is moving, and the other to use the interior chest/lap belt.

Based on interior usage I don’t think the van was a taxi in her previous life and probably a private owner that did the addition to assists a family member or what not.

Its an interesting novelty item for sure; recently lowered it outside during an outing and had a super comfy chair to lounge. Although I wouldn’t mind keeping it, thought might be put to a more proper use by another owner. Forum guidelines require a price but had a hard time finding used ones to get an idea. From what I could find new ones in US are pretty pricey, but needless to say this is used and I’m pretty flexible, specially if its going to be put into good use and what it was intended for. Guessing anyone that would be interested would know more about them than me.

So just putting this out there… If interested PM me.

Brand is Wako-Industries, a Japanese company. But seems their products are installed in other countries as well.