Clear Lens Tail Lights $20

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Clear Lens Tail Lights $20

Post by Morganizer »

These were in my L300 when I bought it second hand, and I've replaced them with regular Delica tail lights. I'm told these are fancy-shmancy aftermarket tail lights, to pimp your ride.

I've also been told these are not compliant with North American standards. The issue being, turn signals here are supposed to have amber lenses. Not for sure, since obviously there are a lot of vehicles around with tail lights that do not have amber lenses. In any case, I drove with amber (1156A) bulbs behind clear lenses for almost five years, and never got a ticket. At times there was a cop car in the rear view mirror, and perhaps the conversation inside the car went like this:

"Hey, those aren't amber lenses."
"I notice that."
"Do you feel like pulling over a RHD?"
'Nope. Do you?"
"Naw, not into it. Hey look, a Tim Hortens..."

So these would look pretty sick if your L300 were all white, or all black, or that shimmery chameleon paint. Dig? If you got a special application, that amber tail lights just won't do. My green-machine looks better with stock lights.

So these are fully functional, no cracks or corrosion. Though the red lenses are noticeably faded. Not sure if these can be popped out and swapped with the ones you got, or spray-bombed from the inside to make them look proper again. Or if your tail lights are cracked, you can make one out of two.

Anyway, $20 and they're yours. Same size and everything, just swap 'em out with a screwdriver.
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Re: Clear Lens Tail Lights $20

Post by shuggyss »

Are these still available? Where are you located?

Cheers, Desmond
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