Rebuild 4x4 Vacuum System From Scratch

Mitsubishi Delica L400 production commenced in 1994 -- After much anticipation, the L400 arrived on Canadian Soil in 2009!
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Rebuild 4x4 Vacuum System From Scratch

Post by umop3pisdn » Sun May 19, 2019 1:03 am

Well hello Delica Canada, let me present you with a Super Select problem that doesn't start with "mah green lights won't stop flashing". This is gonna be a bit long winded.

Being a wide eyed, wet behind the ears, eager first time delica hunter, I bought the bullet, or bit the van, or something like that - and now I got problems. "Hey this van seems to be missing some vacuum lines... ahhh that can be fixed, how bad can it be?" The long and short: there is no vacuum system for the free wheel clutch, at all.

Things missing:
Free wheel clutch vacuum solenoid
ALL vacuum lines and hoses related to said system.
All but one bracket
Vacuum canister
Some of my tears
Check valve, cap... etc.. you get the picture.

Ahh, and perhaps the most dastardly of all - even the connector and wiring has been snipped seemingly as to hide any hints that there should be something plugged into it. There's just a bare bundle of wire cut off at the loom. Juicy.

After staring at diagrams and schematics for hours upon hours and combing through all the message boards and videos I can find on and off for the past few months... I'm looking for some advice to fill out my understanding of the system.

As you can imagine, a mechanic who would go to such great lengths to try and make a problem invisible also snuck some other good ones by, and of course the biggest issue was my utter unfamiliarity with delicas, combined with burgeoning mechanical knowledge - so this means I'm spending and learning constantly as I go, to give this beast the attention it deserved but never got upon import. After pricing out the cost of ordering the dozens of little bits that make up the complete vacuum system on amayama I had to put down my phone.

So my objective:

To rebuild this entire system from scratch using universal parts where possible.

I've got the proper vacuum solenoid on order, some lengths of generic silicone and pvc 4mm tube, check valve, some connectors and clamps... and a banjo bolt nipple I'm going to use to fabricate a vacuum canister.

I can't seem to find the electrical connector that plugs into the solenoid, nor a part number. Some help there would be appreciated.

Also, would a generic breather cap suffice?

The volume of the canister would be nice to know but that might be hard to come by without physical measurement.

I do have the clutch control sensor still in the diff. A small victory. Unknown if functional. The vacuum ports on the diff are wide open and I imagine need to be cleaned out... any ideas? I have not attempted to see if the actuator rod is seized yet as well. Boot's intact!

And finally... the bloody diagram... every time I feel I get close to understanding I realize my mind is just not wrapped around this. The most fundamental question I have when I look at these diagrams is... Where is the vacuum generated? Where does that one stray line run off to? Is that drawing vacuum generated from the engine? Or is the solenoid doing all the work? My understanding is that the 4m40 has isolated vacuum systems that are not all pigged into the motor.

The technical reference library only has the front axle manual for a different frame and engines. I found a pajero manual that lists 4m4 with diagram but I'm also suspicious it is referring to the 4m41.

I am hoping for 4m40 PE8W specific info - a diagram especially. Or if anyone in south/mid Vancouver Island wants to let me crawl around under their van, that'd be dope. It'd be nice to stare up at a functioning vehicle for a change :-D

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