L400 Hitch Sources - in the Prairies?!?

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L400 Hitch Sources - in the Prairies?!?

Post by pj_jazzy_janz » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:42 am

I'm wanting to put a hitch on the back of my '94 LWB L400 to tow a Boler-type trailer, and I'm wondering where I can find one in Manitoba. Does anyone have any great ideas? We'll be going as far as Alberta in the summer if that helps, but won't be making it to BC, so places like E&H Hitch are out (although that would be my first choice, if it were possible).

Does the 3-opening hitch that I see on L300s fit on L400s? I like the flexibility it offers. I also am hoping for something that bolts on without modifications, as I'm not a welder. Does such a thing exist? Does anyone know where one might find such a thing?

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