Here's how to replace front sway bar bushings

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Here's how to replace front sway bar bushings

Post by FalcoColumbarius » Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:52 pm

Here's how to replace front sway bar bushings
Image By Snelson (Link to original thread: ... -5137.html)
Another easy one I know, but figured since I took a few pics, might as well post the basic how to.

**Before you start, should mention that there is no need to raise the van with jack...everything can be done with the van on all four wheels.

1 - Remove the front metal air scoop piece from under the van - requires the removal of 4-12 mm bolts.

2 - Remove a protective metal shield that sits in front of the sway bar - requires the removal of 4-14mm bolts and one 12 mm bolt.

** Both these metal pieces are obvious once you're in front of and under the van.

3 - Now just a matter of removing each of the 14 mm bolts that hold the sway bar and bushings to the outer most points (near the wheels). One bolt removed from the top of each point. I used a rubber mallet to hit the bolts to drop them out the bottom. Once the bolt is out, the old bushings can be removed and replaced with your new ones.

4 - When you've replaced the old bushings with the new ones for the two outer most points, install the bolts back onto the van but DON'T tighten them up all the way just yet. Just screw the bolt back on so that everything is secure - you'll tighten everything up once you've replaced the other bushings on the front sway bar.

5 - There are two more 14mm bolts and 4 bushings to be removed/replaced on the front sway bar, closer to the mddle of the van. Same thing, just remove the bolts, the sway bar will drop down (but not onto your face since you've partially attached the outer most points in step 4 above :-) ) and pop on the new bushings.

6 - Now, tighten everyhing back up (I couldn't find any tourque specs so I just tightened them up with about .5 inch of thread showing on top of the bolt/nut.

Most of my bushings weren't too bad, except for the front ones in step 5 - these ones were pretty crumbly...

So, hope this helps someone down the line - totally easy to do yourself with nothing more that a couple wrenches or socket set.

Now - if someone could help me out a bit - the kit I ordered came with four larger bushings to use on the front outer points on the sway bar, and another 8 slightly smaller bushings - I used four of these on the middle part of the front sway bar. So I'm left with 4 smaller sized bushings. Are these supposed to be used on the rear?? What do I do with these four extra ones...?

Here's a pick of my old/new bushings Image

Here's a pic of the sway bar hanging down with the old bushings removed Image

Here's a pic of the sway bar dropped down and you can also see the other bushings replaced - Notice its just barely tightened up
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