Roof load limit

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Roof load limit

Postby TRUTHautomotive » Sun May 07, 2017 9:27 pm

I'll try to keep this brief
Just got the smittybilt overlander roof tent thrown up onto my L400 this weekend and for the sake of caution was curious if anyone happens to know the roof load limit?

It is mounted upon two Thule 387 crossbars attached to the rain gutters.
For reference the tent weighs about 90lb, I weigh 135lbs, my wife 120lbs and son 25lbs for a total of 370lb (static).

I would just like to avoid a situation where a rain gutter or thule foot bends and destroys my Crystal light roof or worse dumps us out while we're sleeping.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide, as 4 wheel parts wasn't very helpful and racks unlimited wants to sell me more stuff

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