Oil Pan size.

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Oil Pan size.

Post by MadB0mb3r »

I have yet to recieve my 92 Delica Chamonix (tues or weds next week :) Yay!!. But i need to find out the size of the oil pan. And last time i had a look at it i spaced and forgot to take measurements.

Question: Is there a flat surface area on the oil pan that is 4x4.5 inches? on the bottom would work better but on either side a close runner up.

the heater that i am wanting to get shipped is 4.0 x 4.5 inches. Model 16 Delica has an oil capacity of 6-7 ltrs i believe. I would like to assume there is a surface area of 4x4.5 inches available on the base of the pan.. but you know what the say about ass(uming).


So if anyone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated..

Colin. W

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Re: Oil Pan size.

Post by coaxial »

yup that should fit :) I had to check some other stuff underneath mine tonight so I checked for ya.
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Oil Pan size.

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