L400 Space Gear chassis codes

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L400 Space Gear chassis codes

Postby Growlerbearnz » Fri May 19, 2017 3:33 pm

Example: PD4W HSEGE

First 4 digits (“PD8W”) are chassis, next 5 digits (HSEGE) show options.

1st digit:
P = L400/Space Gear

2nd digit: Wheelbase and drive
A… Standard wheel base - 2WD, high or low roof.
B… Long wheel base - 2WD, high roof
C… Long wheel base - 2WD, high roof, leaf spring
D… Standard wheel base - 4WD, high or low roof on PD4,5,6, Low roof only on PD8
E… Standard wheel base - 4WD, high roof, only XG and higher spec.
F… Long wheel base - 4WD, high roof

3rd digit: Capacity & engine code
3… 2000cc (4G63)
4… 2400cc (4G64)
5… 2500cc (4D56)
6...3000cc (6G72)
8...2800cc (4M40)

4th digit: Style
V… Van (Commercial vehicle)
W…Wagon (Passenger vehicle)

5th and 6th digit: Body shape & doors
HL… High roof, 2 sliding doors
HS… High roof, 1 sliding door
NL… Standard roof, 2 sliding doors
NS… Standard roof, 1 sliding door

7th digit: Transmission
E… 4 Speed Auto (column shift)
N… 4 Speed Auto (floor shift)
Z… 5 Speed Manual (column shift)

8th digit: Features code
D… E
J… G,X
U… GX, XG, Chamonix
G… Exceed 1
H… Exceed 2
X… Super Exceed
P… Royal Exceed

9th digit: Engine specification
blank… Carburettor specification
E… Electronic Fuel Injection
F… Intercooled Turbo
T… Turbo
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