Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Does your Mitsubishi L300 make a strange noise? Need wheel alignment specs?
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Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Post by CVI »

Just a thought.... with the temperatures soaring up to the 30's, what is the effect on the fuel viscosity? At relatively higher ambient temperatures, diesel fuel flows more freely thru the injection system and thus would result to a bit more fuel going thru the injectors than it is on winter conditions. something to think about??...
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Re: Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Post by sid »

That is a valid question.

i have noticed more smoke in the last 6 weeks compared to early april when i had my cvi tune up done. its really noticable at night when somebodys headlights are behind you.

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Re: Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Post by TardisDeli »

No black smoke for me (and I do watch, via rear camera, such a sad obsessive deli owner), but the fuel mileage doesnt seem as good (but work commute now includes The Cut steep hill). Should I tweak idle speed or something for summer?
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Re: Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Post by Profister »

I noticed more than usual black smoking on my long trip to Northern BC (4,500 km) but I do not think it was temperature related. Talked to Butch, he mentioned the temperature factor but I do not think so. During the trip the air temperature was changing from 15C to 26C but I did not see any difference making uphills with black smoke, especially when stepping on the pedal too hard. Will go through the standard troubleshooting to get to the roots. 8-)

Re: Summer issues - more noticeable black smoke

Post by coaxial »

I've specifically pointed my exhaust tip right to the back right corner so I can watch it in my rearview. Pretty much every takeoff or hill I glance to see if she is smoking :) Part of driving a standard is if you try to accelerate in a gear too high you will know immediately by a huge cloud of black behind you.

In general I see hardly any unless I really stomp on the gas pedal or I'm in the wrong gear (too high, strain = black, too low, high revs = white smoke)

I have noticed a bit more smoke in the summer, I assumed it was because I hardly ever drive in the summer as I'm on 2-wheeled transport instead. I suppose viscosity, warmer intake air, etc. could explain it.

I use opti-lube XPD diesel treatment and it cuts down on smoke quite a bit, plus many other benefits supposedly.
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