4D56 will not start

Does your Mitsubishi L300 make a strange noise? Need wheel alignment specs?
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4D56 will not start

Post by Sizzle.cz » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:31 pm

I have a 4D56 I was driving it one day and it just died. I almost thought it was out of fuel or I broke a belt because it died without hesitation and quit quickly there was no stumble or “fight” of any kind.

I since replaced the fuel filter and have attempted to bleed the fuel injectors. I pumped the pump atop the filter and bled at the injectors.

I cannot start the thing when i turn it over it makes a gulping sound from the air intake it almost sounds like a horse trotting.

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4D56 will not start

Post by Growlerbearnz » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:44 pm

It's unlikely to be the fuel filter or air in the lines, that would come on gradually.

Have you confirmed that the timing belt is not broken, the rockers are in one piece, and that the timing marks line up?

Also confirm that there's 12V at the injection pump fuel cutoff solenoid. When you were bleeding the injectors, were you loosening one slightly then cranking the engine? Did fuel come out of the loosened injector?
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4D56 will not start

Post by Morganizer » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:54 pm

Yeah, when you shut the engine off, in a gas engine the spark plugs stop making sparks. But in a diesel, it cuts off the fuel, and that makes the engine suddenly stop running. So that fuel shutoff solenoid would be my first suspect.

What did it turn out to be?

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4D56 will not start

Post by petie82 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:45 pm

Didn't' know if this should go here or start a new post but anyway this forum has been more than helpful in diagnosing and fixing my current problem. Here is my story - maybe it will help others:

Got my van last Spring. Its a 1991 L300 Diesel. She has been running great all summer, no problems, quick starts, everything was good. A couple weeks ago, while driving around town she stalled, shut down and would not restart. It would crank really well, but not fire up. Tried priming at the fuel filter, checking for fuel at the injectors and bleeding there (no fuel at injectors). checked for air leaks in hoses and at the fuel tank. Thought it might be the fuel shutoff solenoid valve. Checked for power there, everything seemed good. I still had a feeling because of how quickly it shut down that it was the solenoid. I finally ordered a new one and found the time to take the old one out. The rubber plunger of the old one was a little pulled off when I removed it, but upon bench testing the solenoid still worked. Since I had a new one I put it in and plugged all wires back in. Primed the system again and she started!!!

Seems like for whatever reason the solenoid got weak or was stuck, but it seems like that was the problem the whole time. Been driving around the last couple of days with no issue. Good to know if anyone has cranking but not starting issues.

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