crankshaft main seal and output shaft seal

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crankshaft main seal and output shaft seal

Postby thesixpackcaptain » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:58 pm

Hi all! I've been an L300 driver for the past 6 years and have gleaned sooo much helpful info from this site and am finally posting a question.Thank you all.
I'm doing a transmission change on my L300 and I'm looking for the part numbers for the crankshaft seal and the transmission output shaft seal. In the past I found a list from LORDCO that someone had posted which was a great source when I did my front end rebuild and shocks etc.....

any help from the lower mainland would be appreciated !

Have had amazing experiences in our Deli and look forward to more with a fresh trans. in her!

TIA Tim in PoMo

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