FTC Decarbonizer - Does it work?

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FTC Decarbonizer - Does it work?

Postby ajd » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:39 am

Just wondering if anyone on here has experience with an FTC decarbonizer? I found this company out of Australia that claims this stuff works miracles on old diesel engines. I'm very weary of any 'liquid' solution for engine problems, but they seem to have a fair amount of evidence that it really works. Also at quite a cost... The claim to reduce blowby and cylinder glazing makes this intriguing, but would burning out carbon and glaze really reduce blowby... worn piston rings are going to continue to be worn piston rings. My intuition is telling me this wouldn't make them seal any better than before.


they also have a few other products for oil flushing and anti wear for transmissions and gearboxes.


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