Finally bought a Delica, after what feels like 10 years.

New to Delica Canada? Please introduce yourself and your van!
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Finally bought a Delica, after what feels like 10 years.

Post by audi4life20v » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:58 pm

Oh boy.

Finally pulled the trigger. Ive had an account on this forum for 8 years now poking in now and then looking at stuff, asking about stuff and general harassment about the vans.

Got fed up after my Ford truck was down for repairs for almost 8-9 months in the 3 years Ive owned it and was paying a lot for it to sit.

So I sold the truck wholesale and bought a van.

97' (Oct build, she just turned 20) L400 SWB 2.8 ! Bottom side is in great shape, roof had a rack on it at one point and I have some pretty good cancer in two spots. Nothing some minor steel work and line-x wont fix! I actually got one with an LSD in the rear too! Finished all new fluids, have studded Duratracs on the way and need to put some new LCA bushings in. Outta make another order from CCAutos for a block heater... Keep forgetting things here and there haha. Unless someone has a PN# for a local avail jobby or I may end up with just an oil pan heater.

Plans are to go adventuring, offroading, camping and explore more in the bush then I did with my fullsize truck! Need to install a hitch come spring, somehow find a full length roof rack or super skookum mount system so I can build my own rack, and then a 2 inch lift so I can get some good 31" meats and some 16x8 20 rims on it.

Super happy I made the plunge. It definitely isnt leather clad and 400hp, but I adore it so much more... As long as the lower arm bushings pop out nicely haha.
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Finally bought a Delica, after what feels like 10 years.

Post by feetforbrains » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:45 am

Gratz Audi.

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