Want to bring in a spacegear

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Want to bring in a spacegear

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I am thinking of importing a diesel Spacegear. I live in MB, and I have imported about 15 vehicles from Japan - both here, and when I lived in Alberta.

Is there a list somewhere of things needing to be done to a Spacegear to make it legal in Manitoba? Outside of things for a standard road safety that apply to all vehicles, of course.

Cheers, Peter
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Want to bring in a spacegear

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I got my L400 safetied last November. No problem since i already had new lights installed. The shop owner informed me that they will be looking for E-codes on the headlights, the windshield and the seat belts. Maybe a few more places.
I would just talk to the shop that will do your inspection and they should be able to tell you for sure.

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Want to bring in a spacegear

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I've moved this topic from General Discussion to Import, Inspection & Registration.

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