Genuine Mitsubishi Options Catalogue

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Genuine Mitsubishi Options Catalogue

Post by Mystery Machine » Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:38 am

This is a scan of the original options catalogue for the L300.... ... sp=sharing
Admin edit: Original link invalid, updated to my own copy on Google Drive.

Have a look through and see if you have any of the options fitted to your motor??

This does not include some of the options like Cool Box or Crystal roof etc...but many other parts are in there! :D

Marvel at some of the crazy/cool/disgusting/mad/ott/retro options that could be added to your motor when new! :shock: :shock:

A few of the parts came as standard on some models, but there is some pretty cRaZy stuff in there!! Take a look and see for yourself.... :D :D


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