L300 fluids

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L300 fluids

Post by Growlerbearnz » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:42 pm

Engine Oil
4D56 Diesel: 15W40 Diesel oil meeting JASO DH-1 (I use API CI4-plus) 6.7l (5.9 without filter)
Petrol: 10W40 or 10W50 SG 3.9l (3.4l without filter)

Manual Transmission 75W-85W GL4 2.0 litres (Avoid GL5 oil unless it specifically states it is "yellow metal safe")
Transfer Case 75W-85W GL4 or GL5 2.2 litres
Automatic Transmission Dexron2 (or later) 6.8 litres (from dry)
Conventional Hypoid 80W or 90W GL4 or GL5 (Front 1.1 litres, rear 1.8 litres)
Limited Slip Castrol LS90 or LSX90 GL5 or GL6 (rear 1.8 litres)
Power steering Dexron2 0.9 litres
Cooling system Water plus Mitsubishi inhibitor (or any quality antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors) approx 8.7 litres
Brake Fluid DOT4
Wheel bearings, steering and front suspension joints, propeller shaft: Lithium based EP no.2 grease

Source: '87-'94 Technical Data PDF. (http://www.delica.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=292)
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