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Delica SpaceGear brochures

Post by patriceboivin » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:14 am

I found these while looking for something else on the 'net, they seem to be:
A 22-page Mitsubishi Space Gear glossy colour brochure like they sometimes hand out at dealerships to announce new models.
A brochure showing the various add-ons available for the Space Gear "Delica Space Gear Style Book"
A brochure on the Space Gear Jasper
What seems to be a pricing sheet but not sure what for, I can't read Japanese unfortunately :-( Maybe cost per month for buyers?

I don't know much but am guessing these are for Series 1 but not the first year because the bull bar and some interior details look different. :?

The options flyer picture is from an auction I won in Japan, I should receive it eventually... before Christmas maybe? LOL I will scan it and add it when I receive it.

Since there was a Jasper brochure I then searched for Chamonix but couldn't find anything. :-(

I learned a few things...
The Space Gear brochure shows that not all Delica Space Gears have the center pod with inclinometer, etc.
They suggest you can slide the middle seats forward, hang up the rear seat... then put two bicycles upright inside it. :shock: These must be really clean bicycles.
Coincidence? They have a hat just like the one I bought in San Antonio in March... :-D
The slide-out side step was an option... maybe
There is a nice spoiler that I haven't seen for sale anywhere on parts sites or in auctions :-P
Royal Exceed:
They have a dash compartment in front of the passenger seat that mine (1994) doesn't have.
There is storage at the bottom of the centre console that mine doesn't have.
Map navigation... not in the 1994 model either.
Everything in the brochure looks more colourful, shinier and has more detail contrast than in real life. Even the sky. :roll:

The Style book shows a table they sold to put behind the 1st row seats, a bench which fit behind the last row but which could be taken out and used as a bench outside the van.
The wood veneer plastic organiser we see sometimes between the driver and passenger seats is in the brochure, though I don't see the one we see sometimes on the floor of the centre console.

The Jasper seems to always have a high roof (?)
it is listed as a "Limited Version" -- does that mean a smaller number produced, like limited edition releases.
It could have a roll-out awning
The brochure actually has a map of Canada showing where Jasper is, nice. :-) ... sp=sharing

(ref. original link for most of the above is )

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Re: Delica SpaceGear brochures

Post by Big-Bird » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:26 pm

I bought a brochure from Japan. Very cool document.
Yeah I joined the Dark Side because the medical plan is top shelf!


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