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Bent Knee.

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:17 pm
by FalcoColumbarius
My son has turned me on to a new group out of Boston, Massachusetts called "Bent Knee". He gave me this record called "Shiny Eyed Babies". Wow. Dynamics.

You know, In my humble opinion, there have been some great acts out these, there have been mediocre acts and there have been what I like to refer to as architectural groups that have defined rock for what we know it today, such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin. This group potentially falls into the latter category, depending on if they do anything else. They are walking out on the wild side and they have balls, especially the woman who does the singing. What a set of pipes.

I'd have to say that these guys are the best new sound out in years, possibly decades and they can do it live, which is a pleasant change. First time in roughly thirty years that I heard something for the first time and had tears well up in my eyes.

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