Why don't people like Delicas in Alberta ?

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Why don't people like Delicas in Alberta ?

Post by Done with VW » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:45 am

I am going to avoid the Granola/Redneck analogy thing. The stuff that makes a Delica what it is, besides obviously being a 'mini-van':

-Selectable 4wd with High Range and Low Range, and lockable diff in transfer case
-Diesel, if you prefer
-High Ground Clearance and good clearance front and back(approach angle)
-Versatile seating arrangement, sleeping, hauling cargo, etc.
-Brush bars and Bull bars.

Has the above items ever been offered in a 'mini-van' in North America? NO!
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Just bought this. Should be in Edmonton sometime in Mid-December.

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