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Lift Kit

Post by Ace91 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:06 pm

I am planning to purchase a suspension lift kit for my 1998 Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix. What brand can you recommend? I would like to add at least 2-inches of ground clearance on my Delica.
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Lift Kit

Post by Growlerbearnz » Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:57 pm

There's a lot out there for the L400, and a lot of it seems to be the same, just with different branding applied. You might get a better response with a less open-ended question, perhaps if you post links to a couple of kits you're interested in and ask people's opinion?

(I removed the link from your post- they don't appear to list anything for the L400 and it was triggering my admin spam-sense.)
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Lift Kit

Post by thelazygreenfox » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:45 am

Lift a max 1 1/2" for a cheap ball joint lift or 4,6,8" for a Heartland (japan) lift. A Heartland kit starts at $1200 but they take into consideration camber and (caster supposedly) problems. They alter and beef up the spindle to add camber to offset wheel wear and alignment problems.

A ball joint lift is a drilled block placed on top of the BJ. It will give you a lift but 1 1/2" is the max before starting to give camber/caster and tire wear problems. An alignment is still required after your lift install. You can buy or build your own lift blocks, but they must be done well.

It's easy to break your upper control arms if you do any serious off roading, Delicas aren't build as strong as many serious off road vehicles. I rebuilt my UCA's after the first set broke.

Expect to still change upper/lower ball joints as lifting creates additional strain on them .

You will need HD torsion bars (australia) and HD rear coils (CC autos van island). look at all your steering and suspension bushings first as they may need changing first. Lifted Delicas roll easier so the suspension needs stiffened to keep it on track. Check your shocks to see if they will accomodate the added distance. Otherwise new shocks are needed.

A body lift sounds good but creates additional problems. Not recomended

Oops I forgot to mention.. Don't use any parts but Mitsubishi as they just don't hold up as well. Ask me, I've tried to use others but they only cause problems.

Good luck
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