L400 2" Lift kit - $500 - Made in Duncan

Mitsubishi Delica part numbers and purchasing information.
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L400 2" Lift kit - $500 - Made in Duncan

Post by negativentropy »

L400 2" lift kit includes:

Rear coil spring spacers
Rear stabilizer arm spacers
Rear brake line spacer
Front ball joint spacers
All required bolts, washers and lock washers

Spacer material is aluminum.
The front ball joint spacers are tapered and have a through hole for grease nipple access :shock: .
The bolts are all metric class 8.8 (120,000 psi tensile strength).

The price is $500 plus shipping (somewhere between $30-40 standard shipping in Canada) email transfer is preferred.

See the following link for more info on L400 lifting: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8204&p=62789&hilit ... ood#p62789

Send orders and questions to stefan at wolframtools dot com - I dont often check my PMs.

Also check out my company website: http://wolframtools.com/products.html
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L400 2" Lift kit - $400 - Made in Duncan

Post by jessef »

Glad to see someone else local making them again !

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L400 2" Lift kit - $400 - Made in Duncan

Post by thelazygreenfox »

IMHO a 1 1/2" lift kit should be a maximum lift while keeping caster and camber within specs and lessening ball joint and tie rod replacements. Not to mention tire wear being worse with a 2" lift.

Unless you're prepared to alter your spindle angle lift with just tires and an 1 1/2 lift kit. The extra lift is hard on your steering box ($$) as well.

Don't forget to beef up your uppper control arms if you're doing a lift. They frequently crack if you like rough off roading.

Have fun
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