Amsoil Dual Bypass oil system for L400

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Amsoil Dual Bypass oil system for L400

Postby Drumster » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:43 pm ... escription

This is an excellent product for a DIY sort of person. Your oil will run much cleaner and you can go much further between changes and you'll extend engine life too. Basically, system attaches to lower crank case stock oil filter mounting location. 85% of oil is fed up into the regular-flow filter while 15% is shunted off to the very fine slow-flow filter. Result is that every several minutes all of the engine's oil runs through both regular and fine filters. It's a great system.

Not difficult to mount with my method but you will have to remove stock air box and replace with K&N "Apollo" (or similar) to free up space. I'm sure there's other places you could locate the Amsoil system and other ways to do it but my way is very simple. To do it you'll need to replace the air box. I have lots of photos etc. except they're apparently too big for this forum. PM me your email and I can email pics to you or if you're alreday familiar with the kit just come on over. I'm in north Surrey.

Normally one fine filter lasts two regular filters so you only replace oil every other oil change. The filters and an Amsoil gasket will need to come from either an Amsoil dealer or else you can buy a six month "preferred customer" membership as I did and then stock up on whatever filters you'll need for a couple of years - after which you buy a membership or call your dealer again. I usually used Rotella Synthetic Diesel Oil but sometimes used Amsoil Diesel oil too. You can put in whatever oil you want. I'm including one un-used regular filter and the correct threaded adapter with the kit. Adaptor for Delica was not available so I had one done by a machinist.

Kit sells retail for $316.USD. You can have this set-up for $200. CDN. OBO.



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Amsoil Dual Bypass oil system for L400

Postby 204explorer » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:06 am

You mentioned that the fine filter lasts two regular oil changes.
In the attached link there is a chart that shows a 60 to 80 000 mile oil change interval.
How often do you change your oil and how often do you change your regular filter?
How much was the k&n intake system?
Do you sample your oil and add additives if needed?

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